Nostalgia: Al-Miga'ad | 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


In Arab culture, hospitality is a cherished tradition that embodies the values of generosity, warmth, and a genuine welcoming spirit towards guests. At the heart of this tradition lies "Al-Majlis," a place where guests are embraced and treated with the utmost respect.

Introducing "Nostalgia | Al-Miga'ad," a puzzle that captures the essence of this timeless cultural tradition. This 500-piece puzzle pays homage to "Miga’ad N.S.," a special gathering place where over 15 remarkable women would come together weekly to share in the joy of reading, watching documentaries, hosting public figures, or simply catching up over steaming cups of Arabian coffee and sweet dates. 

This puzzle allows you to immerse yourself in the spirit of Al-Miga'ad, where inspiration, joy, and enduring bonds were nurtured. As you piece together this beautifully designed puzzle, you'll not only enjoy the challenge but also connect with the rich cultural heritage that celebrates the importance of community and hospitality.

**Key Features:**

- 500 pieces for an engaging and rewarding puzzle-solving experience.

- Puzzle Dimensions: 34 X 48 cm, creating a captivating visual when completed.

- Captures the essence of Arab hospitality and community, making it a unique and meaningful gift.

- A tribute to "Miga’ad N.S." and the lasting relationships it fostered.

Rediscover the beauty of Arab hospitality and the warmth of Al-Miga'ad with "Nostalgia | Al-Miga'ad." This puzzle is not just a pastime; it's a journey through tradition, culture, and cherished memories.

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