Our story

In October of 1990, a girl was born in Cairo city. Six thousand miles and two years away, another was born where the white house lay. Despite the distance in space and time, these girls had a connection with no reason or rhyme. From city to city they both traveled, until one day they met at a Doha channel. That was the moment their friendship blossomed, with their minds wide open to anything awesome. They traveled, explored and attempted all kinds of endeavours, until one day they thought, “why don’t we build a business together?” Joined by their love for the most challenging puzzles, the passion and energy was there in double. Now the story involves a lot more blood, sweat and tears; but, in a nutshell, this is how Ohjiya came to be.

Ohjiya is a women-owned business that creates original artwork jigsaw puzzles. We aim to reflect the diversity of the Middle Eastern culture, History and authenticity